Tamal Nath
2 min readJan 10, 2022


Why MBBS Doctor From Bangladesh is Doing So Good in India !

First Of All, if you are going to Bangladesh for your MBBS destination then you should know the following facts about Bangladesh. You will sense like you are simply in other parts of India. That’s surprising yes . From Kolkata you can travel by bus , train from also from flights .

The foremost important facts for studing MBBS in Bangladesh is its has the highest MCI passing ratio compare to other countries .

Bangladesh MBBS is accepted all around the world. Like UK, EU, America, Australia. Because they crack USMLE, PLAB, FMGE without taking unique training. For student self-practice is enough. If you study In Bangladesh I can promise you this.

I can promise you will enjoy the same curriculum of mbbs studies which is absent in countries Russia, China, the Philippines, Ukraine, Georgia, Poland, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan. All the above Countries noted No one follows the Indian Curriculum for MBBS .

Even the disease pattern is 100% similar like India which help the student to understand the pattern same like Indian student . Even medicine which is used in Bangladesh is 70% same like India which help student feel they are studing medicine in india itself .

Whereas Bangladesh Stands one of a kind because 80% examine and relaxation of college students drops it due to the fact Bangladesh MBBS has Daily viva called Items which hold reminding the subject and what sort of did you understood it. Take it weekly thrice. Once you move Bangladesh will at once start analyzing MBBS from first no pre-medicals. You will enjoy real clinical lifestyles.

Even the fees structure is quite nominals which starts from 23 lac and there is no hidden cost like other countries.

The patient flow is very good compare to other countries which i mention above and for MBBS the practical is very important where as you can take Bangladesh as a very good option because the population is very high there and even student will get a real patient rather then a dummy.

They maintain the student and teacher ratio same like India and in many other countries this is also missing and the most important part every college in Bangladesh has there own hospital which is also missing in various countries .

The mode of teaching is English and people they understand Hindi also so student don’t need to learn an extra language which is also favorable for the Indian student to study there .

The fooding is also quite cheap in Bangladesh . A student can get a proper meal for the whole month in just 3000 INR .

These are certain point why Bangladesh is better then other countries