Are There Are Any Educational Loans Available For Someone Who Wants To Study For An MBBS In Bangladesh?

Are There Are Any Educational Loans Available For Someone Who Wants To Study For An MBBS In Bangladesh?
The only education loan one can be proud to take is an Education loan. I recommend anyone who really wants to have good financial knowledge along with their Medical Education should take a loan. But it’s better off not taking a loan if you are not able to choose a good medical college. Now coming to the eligibility of loan for MBBS in Bangladesh, yes students who plan to study medicine are NEET qualified can easily get loans up to 7 lakhs without collateral. But most of the students take loans with collateral as they need to pay approx 80% of fees with loans. More students from across India choose overseas medical education and MBBS in Bangladesh is their first priority due to the best practical/clinical exposure and high FMGE passing percentage. Slowly all Indian banks are preferring to give loans to medical students who study in Bangladesh rather than in other countries. Almost all the private and government banks have sanctioned loans to medical students of India who intend to study in Bangladesh. One must check about the college they choose must have some students who have already passed and practicing as a doctor this helps bank to sanction loan confidently. Bank loans should be taken by the students themselves based on their documents rather than involving their parents. A loan can change your life and fulfill your dream to choose the best college which many can’t afford. Paying capacity of future doctors is much more than any other field of education. One must understand taking a loan earlier in your life helps one to take proper financial decisions in life later on.

The requirements of loans are:-
1. Admission letter from the medical college of Bangladesh
2. Prospectus of Medical colleges of Bangladesh
3. Proof of MCI/ NMC recognition of the medical college
4. Bank account details of Medical college of Bangladesh and their fee structure.
5. Academic documents and photo Id
6. Bank statement of co-applicant.
7. income proof of parents or guardians.
Special Factors:-
A. Indian overseas Bank, SBI, Allahabad Bank, United Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, etc are some of the top banks that give Education loans with floating rates of interest to study MBBS in Bangladesh.
B. The interest rate varies from 10-12% based on many factors
C. Offer letter from the college itself sufficient to apply for Bank loan so that students can pay the first year fee from the loan itself.
D. Medical college in Bangladesh issue offer letters well in advance and the fee structure of every medical college in Bangladesh has to be mentioned in the offer letter itself. This helps to reduce any fraud.
Education loan to study MBBS in Bangladesh not only covers the fees structure of Medical colleges but also the other expenses like books, hostel, laptop. Food and other miscellaneous expenses. So be proud to take an education loan so you don’t have to take any other loan in your career further.
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